stealing sauce

every mumble rapper this side of 2010 stole future’s style therefore becoming a sauce stealer.
esco: yo it’s esco i probably can’t come to the phone right now but leave a cool message at the beep.


pauly: it’s pauly, this dj esco’s phones?

tony: this is f-ckin esco’s phone!

pauly: is this his numbers?

tony: this his f-ckin number on his instagram

pauly: well we heard you’ve been stealing sauce.

tony: ya not breaking break on the sauce stealin!

pauly: you stealing my mothers recipes?

tony: we got 16 flavors of marinara!

pauly: we got some guys thats gonna bust you up.

tony: get the f-cking mama’s meat grinder!

pauly: tell him what we’ve gonna do with um.

tony: we got a f-cking red sauce thats gonna be coming out cha head buddy!

pauly: thats not enough, we gonna do more than that.

tony: we want the alfredo sauce, we want the mama’s sauce back from yeah!

pauly: mama mia! mama mia!

tony: you don’t got a f-cking recipe to nothin but stealing sauce buddy!

pauly: i got 2 words for you huh!…. ya mother!

tony: you forgot to turn your location off b-st-rd!

pauly: and we took snapchat and we did a screenshot!

tony: huh, we know you seen that sh-t!

pauly: huh, you see the screenshots! you think we don’t know how to do that!

tony: we can f-cking hack anything, the opinator, the darkinator, f-ckin mama’s sauce is the best sauce.

pauly: tony! tony! stand down!

tony: i’m sorry boss, my bad boss, my bad boss.


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