a huge, steamy and often warm poo. often a sh-t taken by a construction worker.
whoa tommy dropped a huge steamer!
when one takes a dump on another person’s body.
the cleveland steamer: poo on the chest
the boston steamer: poo on the face
he gave her the old cleveland steamer yesterday.
a hot freshly laid sh-t that eminates heat trails most pr-nounced in cold weather
the steamer melted a hole in the snow.
a limerick city term for a gay
you’re a f-ck-n steamer boy
a stolen or hot vehicle.
get that steamer away from my house before the cops roll through and pin that sh!t on me.
the act of dropping a t-rd in the lawn around winter time. the cold temperatures create a fog to arise from the pile of steaming poo
dude1: dude! look your p–p has something coming out of it!

dude2: nah man its a steamer
when a dog lays down a fresh one during the colder months of the year. helpful visual sign to those who would like to avoid stepping in fresh dog sh-t.
otis just left a big steamer on the lawn. see it? don’t step in it. if you do, you aint coming in this house.


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