noun | steam·pie | \ˈstēm-ˌˈpī\

definition of steampie

a : the result of someone receiving -j-c-l-t- during -n-l intercourse, then proceeding to defecate on the chest of another individual(s).

b : the act of defecating onto the chest of another after having been -n-lly injected with -j-c-l-t-.
c : a depraved act
d : a depraved individual


-steampie \ˈpī\ noun
-steampied \ˈpīd\ verb
-steampieing \ transitive verb
-steampier \ noun
-steampier \ proper noun


figuratively used to describe a person or action that is morally and ethically corrupt.

literal use considered uncommon, however it is suspected to have occurred during trumponomics board meetings.


first known use early 21st century. a concatenation of creampie and stanley steamer; first used to describe the actions of a united states politician made toward its const-tuents and the world population.

while a creampie is can result in life and be enjoyable for some, and according to john trian, the stanley steamer is “usually, performed as a ritual to celebrate the miracles of p–p.”, contextual use of steampie is never positive, nor is it ever warranted or wanted.
example 1:

the donald steampied steve bannon all over the american people, leaving a brown stain of regret and remorse throughout the land.

example 2:

the man who stole the 2016 presidential election is a repulsive steampie.

example 3:

“why the sad face, jane?” joe asked with serious concern.

with shame in her eyes, her stare stooped unwavering to her feet, she replied “we’ve been steampied by the steampier. i didn’t know what steampieing was until it was too late, and the stench of greed was all around me. we are forever unclean, joe! forever unclean!”
she fell to the ground sobbing, disgusted and humiliated, knowing some things cannot be undone.

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