1. to be wiped out very quickly without any pause in the attack. often used on capture maps in team fortress.

2. rapid, continuous destruction, often with a certain destination in mind.

3. an incredibly quick, very destructive lost that often seems comical.
red team: defend the point nubs.

*loses first point*

red team: wtf was that sh-t nubs, get on the second point!

*loses next point in next minute*

blue team: lol, steamrolled.

to be utterly destroyed by a team or athlete of much higher caliber.
(1) fob, please… we got dwyane wade. the lakers are gonna get their -sses steam rolled.
(2)geezus, everybody federer plays gets their -ss steam rolled. i pity the fool who draws his side of the bracket.
after you take a large hit of marijuana from a steamroller pipe and you can’t stop coughing. and therefore that person got steamrolled
“tim! you just got steamrolled!”
having s-x and doing a summersualte.
i steam rolled that b-tch.
to seize or steal a broad from another guy. typically in a bar type setting, and often right in front of him.
“i’ve been working on that chick all night, and that -sshole just steam rolled me!”
when your t-st-cl-s stick to your leg in your sleep and you happen to roll over them.
dude, i definitely steamrolled myself last night. f-cking hurt like a b-tch.
something you say when someone gets h-t by a vehicle really hard. whether it be in a video game or real life.
he just got steamrolled!!!

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