s-xy boy who looks super good always is the hottest one in the room
your bf is such a stedson.

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  • das boot pirate

    (1) one of many h-m-s-xual n-z- sailors. (2) a h-m-s-xual depicted in das boot, a h-m-erotic movie about n-z- u-boat personnel. variation: das fruit pirate. (1) the rear admiral ordered das boot pirate to service his p–p deck. (2) the u-boat swallowed seamen the same way that das boot pirate swallowed s-m-n.

  • the beast with two backs

    when a man and a woman are having s-x face-to-face they become the beast with two backs come back to my place baby and we can make the beast with two backs

  • vringing

    the act of a virgin cringing at p-rn. it can be used to imply the virginity of a person and also the fact that they cringed at p-rn. that b-tch was vringing hard

  • futon crouton

    any small to fairly sized object that falls between the cushions of a couch, commonly rediscovered after as much as a year of confinement in said furniture. notable types include goldfish, cheez-its, and popcorn, though more essential living room items, such as tv remotes, have been found, as well. i found a hershey’s kiss futon […]

  • movie verb

    to turn the name of a famous movie into a verb, usually in reference to an iconic scene. me: my girlfriend wants me to take her to the new romantic comedy, but she’ll have to clockwork orange me into the theater before i’ll watch it. friend: nice use of a movie verb, dude.

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