when you’re really strong, stacked said in a funny voice
holy cr-p, look at that guy, he’s steeked

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  • glazed doughnut mustache

    it’s basically where a chick is sucking on a guy and he shoots his load on her face, mostly around her mouth. this makes it look like the chick just got done eating a glazed doughnut, hense the name. guy: did you like it? girl: yes! glazed doughnut mustaches are my favorite!

  • glenwood dinner rolls

    the act of half cooking normal dinner rolls in the microwave, then half cooking the rest in your -ss, then serving the smashed and sh-t smelling roll to your guests. has been a glenwood, iowa tradition for years. bill-“honey, these have to be the best glenwood dinner rolls i have ever had in my life, […]

  • glinker

    a made up word that doesn’t mean anything in particular. helen doesn’t know what a glinker is.

  • go b*lls out

    in a moment of boredom, going “b-lls out” refers to the act of removing one’s t-st-cl-s from one’s pants and placing them on a random object in a public place. can be used as a great photo opportunity. “dude, i’m so bored. let’s go to the variety store and go b-lls out on the nachos!”

  • goblabbles

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