there aren’t any definitions for steicy yet.

can you define it?

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  • argain

    someone that is g-y ( are you g-y) argain- are you g-y?

  • moumen

    one ugly kid that isnt going to live life and he is very insecure and cant play any sport. he also will not live life because he doesnt take chances or risk on anything. that kid is moumen.

  • daezhane

    #smart #cute #quiet but not scared 😳 or no one ☝🏽 and have a nice personality #nice ☺️ daezhane is a smart & cute person

  • dasier

    a beautiful young independent women who will achieve big dreams. she will also live a wonderful life.she carries a great fortune ahead. she does not take cr-p frome anyone. she has a lot of secrets that she will only tell 2 people. try to be like “dasier”…

  • ashtrein

    a synonym for daddy, a goat and great at golf. ashtrein is daddy.

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