a piece of fecal matter that feels and/or looks like scott steiner’s arm exiting the -sshole bicep first while clenching a solid fist at the end. also known as a big poppa dump.
i try not to take immodium for fear of the m-ssive steiner i will have to deal with days later.
a character called adelbert steiner from the videogame final fantasy ix. he is captain of the knights of pluto and goes around shouting a lot. nevertheless or perhaps by consequence he has a small cult following consisting of those who believe him to be g-d.

there are many other steiners. bear in mind that all of them are named after the almighty and omnipotent adelbert steiner. these include some wrestlers and some philosopher guy.
i am adelbert steiner and i will not work with you conniving thieves!

we have succeeded by the good will of the great lord steiner!
a tiny, overexcited being that will ruin the most perfect of days.
“my day was perfect until i encountered a steiner.”

“oh f-ck, a steiner. run!”
a large mug of beer to be enjoyed by friends in a social environment.
“hey steve, fancy a steiner down the battle cruiser later?”

-to peers- “steiner?”

to advanced in the gym, increase muscle m-ss.
“d-mn dude”
“yeah bruh, been making steiners in the gym”
“getting big poppa pumped up”

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