stella’s got her groove back

“how stella got her groove back” was a mediocre and very forgettable 1998 movie that was most noteworthy and only remembered today for having a funky t-tle. while there was nothing really about this movie worth remembering, it’s silly t-tle lives in as a sportscentery pop-culture reference used to describe a previously good player or team that’s been in a slump emerging from that slump. gen-xers will cackle with the reference while millennials will shrug their shoulders as it p-sses over their heads…
(radio play-by-play baseball commentator) “santana’s at the plate, he’s been in a bit of a funk, hasn’t had a hit in 5 games. here comes the pitch across the plate, swung on and (crack) belted – it’s going long – got the distance – stella’s got her groove back it’s a home run for santana!!!!”

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