beautiful,short,fit,strong,huge jokester, overall an amazing smart girl who’s fun to be with or even just talk to.
bro1:dude look at stephany bro.
bro2: yo she’s looks amazing

bro1: i wish she was mine bro
bro2:go for it man! i hear she likes to be called “estefania”.
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a very pretty girl.always fun to e around.somewhat self-concious.sometimes a b—-.latina. overall a grest person.
did you see stephany last night.we had a fun night.
a friendly out going and sp-nky girl. makes friends everywhere she goes. and because of this, she makes enemies too. but a stephany is amazing.
that girl is so amazing her name must be stephany.
the best girl ever. she is sweet, funny, awesome, caring, an all around good friend. she can be a bit boy crazy at times but will always be there for you. she will never ever completely abandon you even though she has the tendency to hang with the wrong crowd at times. boys also love her and constantly are trying to get with her and ask her out repeatedly.
oh man i’m so jealous! his girlfriend is a stephany!
stephany. the most beautiful woman to walk on this planet. she comes off shy, but once you get to know her, she has the heart of gold and is the most amazing girl you will ever meet.
i would do anything to have stephany back.
a stupid conniving b-tch. a beezy that is always trying to get over on any and everybody. nasty sl-t that will sell herself for shine or even a dime bag of weed. straight up crack wh-r-. doesn’t shave her p-ssy. stinks. sucks d-ck for bus money and walks home.
shave your p-ssy, it looks like stephany johnson’s p-ssy.
dont pull a steffie and stink up the room.
ugly girls, stephanys are very unatractive, but stephanie’s are so much better
i so wish stephany’s name was stephanie

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