to shut the fu- boooooom
1: hey noob, gtfo.
2: stfboom

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  • stfomj

    shortened version of “step the f-ck off my jock”, meaning to leave someone alone and/or get out of someones sp-ce. just cause i’m single doesn’t mean i’m avalible! stfomj!!

  • muzbots

    muzbots – an angry mob of demented violent mohammedans, “protesting” against anything that offends their idiotic religious sensibilities. look at these jihadist morons calling for a beheading of the danish cartoonist ! stupid muzbots !

  • meaux

    a cat, to be celebrated. soon to be known in all 50 states and some foreign countries. meaux, nice! (heard in utah, california and nevada.)

  • meat stocking

    v-g-n- i put my bologna pony in her meat stocking.

  • mexican jurisprudence

    noun referring to use of unlawful bribery as a means of dealing with criminal charges incurred in mexico. that judge was a dumb son of a b-tch. mom actually bought my freedom from jail. mexican jurisprudence works !

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