spanglish literally = “stinky thing” or stanky-thang. synonyms: b-tthole, -sshole, dork, etc. unclean person or thing.
el: “hey stinkcosa – are you ready?
ella: ” dannnng. why you keep calling me that? i tole you stop it i mean it don’t call me that”
el: you better wash that thing! mira! you making the dog hide! ”
ella: ah maaa! jimmy keeps calling me names!
jimmy: don’t lie , i’m just playin with you. are you coming or what?

“ahorita cabron”
“hurry stinkcosa we’ll burly make it let’s go.”
ella: i’m gonna tell my primo when he gets out – he’ll kick you -ss

jimmy: i aint scairt. go ahead with your stinky -ss. he prolly smelt it aready.

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