not to be confused with stinky ball or stinky b-lls.

n. 1. slang for feces, usually when it’s not a long, but rather a lot of hard, cylindrical b-lls. the ‘stinky’ part comes from the fact that, well, it f-ck-ng stinks.
man i just did stinkyb-lls in my pants, it’s gonna be a squishy night at the bowling alley.
what you get after having s-x with some scank.
the coolest website in the world. everything and anything you wanted to know about the stink that comes from your love sacks.
ex #1: man, that guys b-lls must really stink… suffering from a case of stinky b-lls

ex #2: that b-tch gave me a case of stinky b-lls.

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