another word for sh-t, p–p, -ss candy, excrements, stool, etc.
“jameson took a vicious st-te”
a person who habitually acquires random useless old objects from tag sales or the dump with no intention of using them.
as we drive by the delapidated old house, we noticed a large ammount of cr-p littering the lawn- must be a st-tes.
a closet h-m-s-xual that lisps and acts like a girl.
i hate how that dude chris acts and sounds like a chick, stupid st-tes!!

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  • stone garden

    meaning cemetary or grave yard, made famous by psycho realm (latino rap group from los angeles) dont f-ck with me puto, i’ll send your -ss straight to the stone garden

  • freak in the geek

    a geek who turns into a straight s-xual freak in the bedroom. guy 1: i heard that girl spent the night from school? dude, she is such a geek. guy 2: she is a geek, but behind closed doors, their is some freak in the geek.

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