exciting, uber awesome, worthy of being stoked about
“going to the beach on a beautiful sunny day is very stokeworthy.”

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  • STOL

    stands for said that out loud jasmine: omg morgan is such a sl-t jewel: i know!!!! (stol) specific nickname for the shorter lisa, a variation on tol, abbreviation for “shawty the other lisa” stol, do you ever get a case of the mondays? to hit, punch, smack ol girl came up to her window n […]

  • stole-off

    to have caught somebody with a punch, so hard that they couldnt think straight….. man, he said somthing about my mama, so i stole off on him, in front of everybody………

  • stripandbendover checkers

    1. a smart-ss way to try to get someone to have s-x with you. blue: hey, we should play stripandbendover checkers. pink: no way!

  • stripperfume

    the perfume used to cover up the stank of two days of stripping without showering. aka the mexican shower for strippers. aaka the paris hilton perfume that b-tch at diamond dolls reeked of stripperfume.

  • Strogen fruz

    when you get a handjob from a girl who’s hands are ice cold. kurtis- “man i got the worst handjob last night, her hands were so cold i lost my b-n-r” adam- ” d-mn, that b-tch gave you a strogen fruz”

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