straight out of a trade server

this phrase is commonly -ssociated with team fortress 2. and can be used to express a non necessarily bad reaction. it’s a common thing that in trade servers players are friendly to each other meaning even with the opposite team. which is perfectly fine, but it becomes a problem when in normal community servers, casual or even compet-tive matches that happens. mostly never voted on or asked if everyone is okay with it. wasting bandwidth and other people’s time. it’s also a known fact that players who don’t care and attack anyways may end up getting vote kicked. although the whole thing isn’t very common, but is horrible in compet-tive.
he has some nice looking items and unusuals. yeup, probably straight out of a trade server.

geez, these f-ggots are straight out of a trade server, why the f-ck are they just standing there near each other in a normal match?!

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