the name given by drug users to non-drug users.
-drug user talking to a non drug user when another drug user walks over-

second drug user: dude, why’re you hanging out with a straighthead?
to be straighthead:

to see things just as they are.
to not fantasize about a situation, no matter how bad it is.
seeing without letting feelings influence.
the guy in his job tried to get him fired, hoping he would lose his mind in front of the boss.
however, he was straighthead enough to see beyond the moment and kept himself cool.
a person suffering from a rather uncomfortable condition caused by a lack of mind bending drugs.
guy1-“whats up?”
guy2-“i just had to spend the whole day with my family, it was a nightmare they are such f-ck-ng straight heads.
a girl who plays softball
with blonde hair
and has reading problems
an example of a straighthead welp that would be mary!

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