string cheese

a slang term for a p-n-s smaller than 4 inches
i don’t like you, brad, you have a string cheese.
first of all:

anyone else sick of these random sh-tty r-t-rded s-x terms for everyday definitions? see the definition by j.d.

anyways, string cheese is one of the best kind of cheeses out there, very fun to eat, peel it apart into little strings and swallow whole, and it doesn’t even have an odor at all.
string cheese is my kind of cheese!

white, clean, non-stick, stringy, non-stinky, pull-apart mozzarella goodness

does not fill you up or satisfy any hunger
super deliciousness in a plastic wrap!!!!!!!! you peel off the unedible and uninteresting wrapper then you can proceed to have fun with the stick of cheese’s extremely interesting stringy quality. you can peel it apart like strings! how awesome is that?!?!? how do they make such an object that is both fun and uber delicious???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
person 1: hey man just got back from the grocery store. here’s your string cheese
person 2: gimme gimme gimmmmmmme it nowwww
cheesy v-g-n-l residue left on the string portion of a woman’s string thong.
aw man, look at all that string cheese on your thong!
a dairy product.
also a term for something/somebody you love a lot/are obsessed with.
i love string cheese!


i love sammy! duh! (:
nah u got it all wrong. pollio string cheese, the funnest cheese to eat.
its fun weeee
the stringy white cottage cheese discharge the secretes from a mans p-n-s when he has contracted a yeast infection. usually through intercourse with a woman that has a yeast infection.
jack got string cheese after bangin some nasty -ss stripper…b-tch be hate’n life

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