1.)s-xaully frustrating someone in exchange for attention, power or cash. (prost-tution involves the act of s-xually gratifying someone in exchange for instant money or other form of pay.) some people would rather be teased and entertained then get an std.
2.) the controversial act of taking off one’s clothing in a provocative manner and s-xually teasing. unfortunately, stripping often involves other things such as grinding and physical contact..depending on how far you go with it, it can turn from teasing into prost-tution. stripping, however, is not the same thing as prost-tution, otherwise it would be illegal.
oh no…my cute friend is very drunk and is stripping on the bar! i need to go save her.

i was turned on for a week after buying a lap dance from the hot girl i saw stripping and now i feel alive again!
v. stripped, strip·ping, strips
v. tr.
1. a trick used by wh-r-s to bribe others into giving you money even when they don’t have any.
2. also what is used to descibe the appearance of the skin on your member after you have s-xual relations with a stripper without using 2 condoms and 3 tablespoons of comet.
quotes from strippers do not exist because
1. anything someone who is stripping say gets tuned out by everyone who has at least 1/8th of a brain.
2. everyone is too buisy staring at their t-ts
3. stripers are paid to keep their mouths shut and their cloths off.
1. slang term for areas that contain active and/or inactive surface mines. used by young people to hold impromptu parties devoid of police interference.

derived from strip mining, an archaic term for surface mining.
coal cracker: let’s go to the strippings, and have some fun.

normal person: yes. i want a lap dance.

coal cracker: i’m not doing that, to you.

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