a s-xual act involving two males, one of which must be uncirc-msized. with the two erect p-n-ses end to end, male 1 proceeds to jerk himself off using male 2’s foreskin. for a truly fantastic sensation he then proceeds to -j-c-l-t- into male 2’s foreskin.
dammit mike, why don’t you go stroodle andrew’s noodle.
stroodle is usually a nickname of a very beautiful and fun person.
always making teriyaki demons joyful and full of happiness.
teriyaki demons are usually attracted to stroodles and find them very s-xy and gorgeous.
teriyaki demon: dang did you see how s-xy stroodle looked today! =] =o =d
just another term for your man jelly; aka your c-m. during intercourse and just before c-mming the male will pull out his d-ck and pump his “stroodle” out on to his girl…apply where disired.
dude! after i was done f-cking your mom i smeared my stroodle all over her!

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