struck down in the pribe of libe

to be brought down at the peak of one’s power
chandler: really? struck down in the pribe of libe!

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    noun: one who takes in a sneaky way.; one who takes and does not return.; rac–n is a tookit.; pickpockets are tookits. the tookit grabbed the money and ran.

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    a trawlerwoman is someone who is often seen fishing for nibbles. a trawlerwoman may have various lines out at once, attempting to lure fish. a trawlerwoman can also be referred to as a ‘shendy’ shes such a trawlerwoman, always trying to get them to bite. that girl is such a shendy

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    college student twitch streamer who advocates and announces there love for poptarts like its a f-cking religion/cult that dude seems like a radioactivepie, he’ll throw poptarts like shurikens

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