the abstract noun referring to the ideas and actions of the stuckists art movement, founded in london by charles thomson and billy childish in 1999. childish left in 2001. the term “stuckism” was coined by thomson, after he had heard a poem by childish, who quoted his former lover tracey emin’s insult that he was “stuck” for continuing to paint pictures, while emin had moved on to conceptual art.

stuckism in turn led to the natural derivations of stuckist and stuckists as self-adopted labels for those in the stuckism movement.

stuckism is defined by manifestos written by childish and thomson. it advocates contemporary figurative painting and opposes conceptual art as not real art or anti-art. the stuckists say they are anti-anti-art.

stuckism is -ssociated with annual demonstrations carried out by the stuckist artists against the tate gallery’s turner prize.

stuckism has spread widely through it’s web site, and in 2010 numbered over 2000 groups in 48 countries.
the guiding principles of stuckism, as outlined in the group’s manifesto, include “painting is the medium of self-discovery”; “artists who don’t paint aren’t artists”; and “art that has to be in a gallery to be art isn’t art”. (susan mansfield, the scotsman, 28 september 2004.)

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