basically a bad-ss… this person is really cool. everyone looks up to them and wants to get with them. this person an be a male or a female gay or straight. studs do not discriminate. studs dominate
bennett w. is such a stud
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basically a bad-ss… this person is really cool. everyone looks up to them and wants to get with them. this person an be a male or a female gay or straight. studs do not discriminate. studs dominate
db: hey what’s up?
cw: nothing just chilling with my new key chain
db: can i chill with you? your such a stud i want people to see that we are hanging out together
db: well yeah sure i guess…i am used to weird people wanting to hang out with me. its the price you have to pay for being a stud
db: alright cool
cw: no prob, wanna hook up?
db: def.
a butch lesbian female.
1) a small piece of metal, often bolt shaped (seen often on belts and such)
2) a small earring with a rounded top often used for piercing and worn by both men and women.
3) a male animal desirable for breeding (like a racehorse)
4) a guy who is popular with the ladies and has no trouble getting laid, and who may also be attractive-looking, but not always. (often used jokingly, see example)
5) a “butch” lesbian
1) the belt had studs on it and looked really cool.
2) the guy had studs in both his ears- he’d just gotten them pierced a week ago, too.
3) after winning the race, the racehorse became a prime stud for breeding.
4) scott is quite a stud around here, he can always get a date.
or: (jokingly) “yeah, there were so many desperate girls and so few guys at that party that chad became a total stud.”
5) -“jenny is such a stud.”
-“dang, that’s hot. i wish she dated guys.”
non sti b-mps or “studs” on a mans d-ck. they are actually inflamed sebaceous glands, that even though they look like they could be something, are not.

most people agree that these make s-x more enjoyable.
he was great last night, he even had studs!
(verb) the act of missing a goal or score in a sporting event on tv because one was out of the room.
f-ck! man u scored while i was taking a sh-t! i got stu’d!
a man with very big useful b-ll-cks.
ooooh, you stud!
a ladies man, someone who is easily attached to girls and very noticeable.
look at that dude, he is such a stud, look at all the girls he has with him.

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