the random person sitting next to you as you are stumbling, asking you to scroll down/ like/ dislike/ restumble like its their own godd-mn computer
get your own f-cking computer matt you stumblewh-r-

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  • Sadaku Awuku

    a fictional character, created by marc cruz. sadaku awuku is the lead singer of the band “colonels.” “who’s sadaku awuku” “he’s a fictional man created by marc cruz”

  • safeage

    a greeting, derivative of safe, means that not only are two two people (the greeter and the greeted) safe, but also the general ambience at the time is safe also. wats up buddy, safeage

  • Safer Sephiroth

    sephiroth but more dangerous. i think “safer sephiroth” might be a mistranslation.

  • Sagging Lucifer

    to cover ones p-n-s with a metal coating, make it red hot to the point where it can be easily flexible, then f-ck someone (or something) with said tinkered genital. i will give you the sagging lucifer of your life baby!

  • saggy matthias

    a certain person we know by many….lykd by few, with a certain pair of br–sts with a sagging tendeny that’d whiplash any grandma wow, that girl is really hott…-girl turns round-….f-cking h-ll, she’s got t-ts on her lyk a saggy matthias!

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