-a annoying condition i have right now that anyone can get of any age. cause by either stress, poor nutrition, and or bacteria specifically big source of it comes from the nose. you rub your nose then you rub your eye or by shaving.

-condition where inflammation occurs at the eye lid it’s kinda like a pimple either on the outside or inside.
you are discouraged to pop it because its usually very small very close to the eye.

-treatment goes away normally by it self but in very rare cases can develop into a cyst. treat it like you got punched in the eye use warm cloth to lower swelling and rupture it faster lots of time for 10 mins a day. medicine you can get if you want. contacts are not recommended.
a pimple on or inside your eye lid. hurts to blink looks like you got punched in the eye. yes this stye is gay why did god allow this bacteria evolve?

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