afrikaans slang for getting an erection
eg. yoh bra that girl made me styf

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  • cap locker

    someone who always has caplocks on. did you see the game last night? stop yelling you cap locker

  • chocolate merengue pie

    when a black dude blams in two latinas deshawntray made a chocolate merengue pie with gabriella and alejandra. nine months later he had two kids.

  • carmacks chilli dog

    when a women farts on your p-n-s that quickly turns around and starts sucking the fart covered d-ck “dude she gave me a carmacks chilli dog last night is was incredible “.

  • cheeky git

    a person who has big enough b-lls to talk sh-t to your face and not expect any repercussions, and then proceed to talk sh-t on social media. logan was being such a cheeky git, i snuck in his house and stuck a rod up his -ss as he slept.

  • rattai

    to be utterly amazing and beautiful. to have no equal. and be able to survive brain surgery dude, you seem that guy pull a rattai and tough out that brain hemorrhage!!

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