strong but reserved. intelligent but humble. musically inclined. wonderful boyfriend. kind hearted. g-d fearing. usually has big calves.

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  • sugar lasagna

    the name given to your main hoe when you run out of things to say between calling her “sugar” and a food product “hey, sugar lasagna, how’s it goin?”

  • sundincapable

    when your friend becomes completely useless for an entire day because he/she must watch sports on tv for twelve straight hours. dave: julie, it’s gorgeous outside. let’s h-t the mountains on our bikes! julie: dave! the rams are on at 1, the bears are on at 4, and the pats are on at 7! dave: […]

  • sun-f*cked

    instead of being sun kissed, you’re tan as f-ck and looked as if the sun pounded your skin like a wild dog. skylar: “jesus christ! this makeup makes me look sunf-cked!” rue: “eh, you’re too dark to be sun kissed..” she was so dark, she looked sun f-cked. 4 more definitions the condition formerly known […]

  • swagsazzbossbeast

    the ultimate person, having just enough swag, s-ss, and can be called a boss and a beast. they are omnipotent, and can completely eradicate fools they see in the way. they cannot be destroyed, nor beat at anything. they can be deemed godly by some, and are worthy of the most respect. they are the […]

  • swinging bout

    a fight between drunk people characterized by flailing arms with an occasional striking blow. broken up by people who are not as drunk. sorry i pulled your hair when we were breaking up that swinging bout.

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