army of teh l33t also noticed from dane cook super finger

in “p-ssed off mode” it means:

“f-ck yourself you f-cking nothing puddle of f-ckdew. you dripping sticky bleach smelling m-ss of extreme uber-mental r-t-rdation. sour j-zz f-ck-ssface. eat my f-ck with an extra side of f-ck fries.
you f-ckhole.” it was close to that. i am paraphrasing.

or, in “feel the love” mode it mean:

“i realize you are feeling my truth and my dedication. you’re saying thanks for just bringing it honest and i return that vibe with the su-fi. you can’t f-ck with the truth and i appreciate that you would indicate that to me with a flash of the su-fi. respect and accomplisment i wish for you.”
su-fi is a counter strike source “clan” i made up with the go ahead of dane to use his trade mark su-fi

add su-fi army to your name i need more people tp join lol [email protected]

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