sub zero

the coolest of the mortal kombat ninja’s. he’s a great chractor if you can master his moves to just be repet-tive and p-ss people off by getting flawless victories using near-unblockable sets of moves.
freeze, slide

freeze, slide

freeze, slide

freeze, slide

freeze, slide

freeze, slide

freeze, slide

sub zero wins.

flawless victory.
is a mortal kombat ninja. his uniform is blue. rival of scorpion, this ninja uses the element of ice. he competed with scorpion in mk1 for the cooler design… but they were nearly the same… still, he’s a cl-ssic, and what would mortal kombat be without him? he was re-invented in mk3 with a whole new look(without mask), which was also embellished in deadly alliance… a great character with some of the most memorable moves ever!
sub zero freezes scorpion and he will break him.
sh-t son, sub-zero is tha baddest mothaf-cka in mortal combat . hes a ninja that can freeze ppl and rip there heads off! how bad -ss is that! his rival is scorpion a dope ninja thats dead but allways seems to come back. all in all sub zero can kick anybodys -ss in mortal combat
fatality……….. aaahhhhh i just opened a can o’ woop -ss all ova radin wit sub zero. sh-t! u got owned! he just tore off ur head! u suck at this game!!
a mk player dude who pwns the f-ck out of everyone with his ice blast and ice shower and to a lesser extent his ice replica.. and certainly not his f-cking gay slide move but that doesn’t matter because he pwns anyway.
i f-cked ringham up good using subzero because i was f-cking cheap but then again so was ringham using liu w-ng his his bicyle kick bullsh-t.
hp hp hk hk bhp = 5 hit combo of death.
1. temperatures below zero degrees
2. an original mortal kombat character
3. a batman movie
1. meteorologist john smith says to expect subzero temperatures tomorrow
2. subzero fatality!
3. sucks
1) a term used to describe one’s body part which has become excessively cold.

2) very cold.
after holding a cold drink for several minutes:
“my hand is so sub-zero right now.”
subzero is a more extreem version of the word ‘cool’.
as in:

mra: wow! this gift is cool!
mrb: it’s not just cool, it’s subzero!

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