when you have a crush on a bunch of people at the same time, but don’t admit it.
did you know that jackson smith is subcrushing?

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  • b*tchin rest face

    the opposite of resting b-tch face. when someone’s p-ssive expression is so awesome that it can only be described as b-tchin’. guy: who’s that girl, is she a supermodel? other guy: no she just has a b-tchin’ rest face.

  • fory

    a person who intended to be cool, igdaf-type and makes others dying to be her. also known as ‘beauty with brain’ 1. “omg it’s fory! she is so d-mn lit!” 2. “if i am given a wish, i will definitely ask to be fory.”

  • sh*tlaced

    “barefaced & sh-tlaced”. means today you look fresh and bare on the outside but you were definitely doing something dirty last night. “getting my protein shake and recovering today–last night was too crazy. #barefaced #sh-tlaced “

  • eammon

    eammon is a guy who is sweet, cute, funny, selfless, athletic, awesome, amazing, smart and every other good thing you could find in a guy. hey eammon, can you p-ss me

  • stuff technique

    when a man attempts to shove his flaccid p-n-s in a woman’s v-g-n-/-n-s, hoping it will eventually harden. 1) you have never used the stuff-technique before? 2) came home wasted last night, had to use the stuff technique on jillian.

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