this is dingus spelled backwards. it means the same thing.
wow, what a sugnid.

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  • Sue Crew

    1. the people who live at the dorm sue lombard, at central washington university (cwu), which is a 21+ dorm. 2. members of the greatest dorm at central washington university (cwu). 1. man, the sue crew throws the greatest parties. 2. there’s the sue crew again. living it up at the bars. 3. sue crew […]

  • suicide angel

    someone so boring that when he/she shows up, you know your suicide is close. there comes our suicide angel…

  • T-Bench

    the friends gang sit on their couch in central perk drinking coffee, however we dont drink coffee so we sit on a t-bench in full view of the playground, drinking our tea out of a thermos. oh look, theres the tea-girls sitting on the t-bench!

  • t-dawd

    sl-tbag wh-r- who will anyone with legs i called my girlfriend a t-dawd and she got p-ssed.

  • TDTL

    to drunk to live. used in instances of extreme drunkenness and/or alcoholism. person #1: “holy sh-t! you just busted your head open tumbling down the stairs!” person #2: tdtl!!!! wooo!!!!

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