gold digger
suhaana is a gold digger.

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  • glitter moustache

    when you snort cocaine but more of it ends up in your moustache than in your nose. gary, check yourself before we head back to the dance floor. you’ve got a glitter moustache situation going on.

  • north boone high school

    a particularly ho-dunk school in the middle of f-ckall nowhere, illinois. mascot is the north boone vikings “where did you attend high school?” “north boone high school” “sorry…”

  • primative

    used as an adjective, primative means feeling or being made to feel s-xual. could also be used as an adjective to describe s-xual feeling with someone i’m feeling primative

  • pigeon hail

    when you sh-t on someone’s car dillon: oh i’m sorry to hear that you got pigeon hailed doug: yeah, i wish i knew who did it though, took me an hour to get the shine back in the clearcoat dillon: haha, yeah… guess we’ll never know dillon slowly hides taco bell wrappers

  • spazmoidal fish

    a fish that keeps having sudden spasms while swimming i think that fish in the biology lab only got killed cuz it was a spazmoidal fish 🙁 ikr so sad 🙁

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