this word is a creative understanding for “footless s-x”. to give a suhanki, one partner picks up the from his or her calf. then to move your partner back and forth in a psychotic motion. this will create screaming and potentially babies.
examples from stepbrothers:

when dale has s-x with his wife while his stepbrother, derek, is in the other room eating dinner.

also, this happens later on in the movie when dale gives derek’s wife a suhanki in the bathroom.

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  • twatwaffler

    a man who tears a woman’s p-ssy up when having s-x. janet’s v-g-n- has never been the same after that tw-twaffler got done with it.

  • Tabtarted

    tab-tar-ted the hangover from taking ecstasy; also known as tabs, the physical and mental feeling of exhaustion and inability to motivate yourself, the overall description of the next 24 hrs after you come down i am straight tabtarted from rolling last night.

  • taddle-tail

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  • take your time

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  • takoyaki

    grilled dumpling with a bite of octpus (a j-panese food, famous in osaka(( the 2nd largest city in jpn)) ur gonna visit j-pan? u should go to osaka to eat takoyaki, its so yummy!

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