the act of getting high, usually referenced to smoking kind bud.
sh-t, i got suited before i came over.
adjective to match clothing top to bottom, including hat, shoes, jewelry and other apparel. originated by bay area underground rapper jack capers.

fit, fitted, b-ttered, dipped, dipped in b-tter, saucy, matching
1:”looking suited like a pair of clubs” 2:”that boy is suited” 3:”man, i’m gonna be suited tonight”
having cards sharing the same suit, such as your pocket cards in texas hold em or your first three cards in seven card stud.
poker pro phil h-llmuth is rumored to have made a large prop bet that ak off-suit is a pre-flop favorite over ak suited.
in the act of gettin’ buck, ready ta fight.–dressin up ta fight wit yo actions.
ash:….and dnt tryn steal my color
me: i hope u aint tryna get suited shawty!!
to have condoms and planning/ready to have s-x
davon:”oh man them girls over there is ready to get off you in?”
tbo:”h-ll ya dawg, plus im suited!”
adv: definitely, certainly, very, or obviously; derived from its usage in poker. sometimes abbreviated as “suits”.
(see also obv, obvies)
‘we going to ruby tuesday tonight?’ ‘suited.’
to be fine, ok, generally good…
suited is fine… big l

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