sum fuk

its when you have -n-l s-x
aye girl u want sum f-k

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  • haqhimi

    a new word for amazing or when you’re amused by something beautiful omg! that booty is so haqhimi!

  • amaycray

    both amazing and crazy dude, that was amaycray!

  • brushia

    b-tch -ss figga who can beat anyone’s -ss i’m gonna brushia ur -ss

  • shekelstein

    a greedy jew bag shekelstein all about dem shekel decked doo’s

  • skim daddy bottom

    the end of a sack of weed or a very small amount left, the last hit of a bowl, a small amount of a substance d-mn bro, you’re at the skim daddy bottom, you only have like one grav left.

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