sn-gg-red under my breath you c-nt
sumbyc is an acronym: it’s something you do when some tw-t is f-cking you off and you can’t say anything.

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  • rangcism

    being discriminatory to rangas being mean to that red head is rangcism

  • atainary

    a fat b-tch that kid is such an atainary

  • polish tongue humper

    a lesser known rapiest in a smaller town in poland. he would go around and put the top shaft of his p-n-s on people’s mouths, and just hump. that’s what he did. the polish tongue humper has been known to bruise people’s noses with his pelvis.

  • steighving

    verb (stie-ving) groaning while leaning out of your chair towards something that is just barely out of your reach. it can also refer to reaching past several objects to obtain a single item. “john was steighving for his water bottle on his desk.”

  • kansas d*ck-lynching

    when you take an offending minor; tie a rope around the tip of the p-n-s, and then hang said person by their p-n-s from the tallest tree in town well bobby didn’t didn’t do his homework, so i gave him a regular ole- kansas d-ck-lynching.

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