summer is the back stabbing b-tch that know one likes. she will try to steal your boyfriends and your friends. she will talk so much sh-t about you that when you hear her talking about you and confront her about it later she will lie to you. she thinks that every one likes her and that everyone wants to be like her but, it isn’t true. you may think you guys are good friends right now. but when she is with someone else she will be talking sh-t about you. she is the biggest sl-t ever! she most likely lost her virginity at the age of 11. she will spread her legs for everyone and anyone and talk sh-t about anyone!
that b-tch over there reminds me of summer

summertime and the livin’s easy…time to hit the beach
quirky, unlike any other woman that you will ever meet. she doesn’t play games and she is more straight forward and honest than most women in your life.
she will give and give and give until there is nothing left and she will walk away smiling because she knows that she made you happy. she is spontaneous, seductively beautiful in the most natural way.

the moment that you let her go, she will wish that you didn’t because she will be the only woman in your life that will ever make sense of it all. she is perfectly imperfect. stubborn, beautiful, intellectually attuned, and p-ssionate about changing the way that we see things.

she is a man’s last love because any woman after that will never compare. if you find yourself with this woman, treat her with respect, love her til the end, and g-d don’t let go of her because is the greatest best friend and lover that you will ever find.
man i can’t believe you let go of her. she was a real summer…did you at least get her number?

that girl had a great personality…a lot like a summer.
a very hot season, or a beautiful name for a girl. 🙂
my name’s summer, no it really is.
summer, winter, spring, and fall, i love summer most of all.
the moment that every child, adolescent, teenager, and college student awaits. it’s supposed to be a time of rest, relaxation, vacation, and absolute fun.

regardless, it ends up being incredibly boring 90% percent of the time unless you enjoy sitting on your -ss and playing xbox 360 all week long. which i don’t.
soph-m-re: gee, i can’t wait ’til summer break starts. all this school work is just ridiculous!
6th grader: shut the f-ck up sh-twipe.
a quirky girl whose beauty and spirit are only matched by her vivacious s-x drive. she is always willing to have fun. black men love her curves….as well as every other h-rny guy on the face of the earth.

i want sum of summer
i want sum summer lovin’
the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. she is a little crazy, but that just makes you love her even more. she knows how to have a good time, and will bring any guy to his knees without even trying. she may seem shy at first, but if she likes you then she will open up to you. if you manage to land one, hold tight to her. let her know that you will be there for her. once you lose her, she will be gone forever. she has my heart until death takes us from each other.
guy 1: hey dude, i finally hooked up with summer!
guy 2: you lucky b-st-rd.
guy 1: i know! she’s so beautiful….. -sniffle-
guy 2: stfu.
the single greatest occurence in the history of the universe. summer is like christmas morning, the most glorious s-x ever had,falling in love, winning the world series, superbowl and olympics all in one glorious 3 month period. summer is the most precious thing that exists as it embodies everything that life is really about, love, happiness and general good times. this being said, great care must be taken not to waste a single solitary second of summer because when it ends and you end up back in school(prison) you will realize just how magical it is. approximately 93.7% of all lasting happy memories occur during the summer months.this statistic is especially astounding because a large portion of each summer should be spent drinking heavily enough that when you wake up in the morning you can’t remember what happened, you just know you had a great time.

verb- to summer, summering: having a good time, having fun, or relaxing with friends in a way that would occur during the summer months. summering can occur at any time during the year as long as those involved maintain a summer spirit and all stress is forgotten in order to promote happiness.
summer. f-ck yes.

“yo i’m gonna go summer later you in?”
“h-ll yes”
a young girl who is friendly and sweet. yet deep down, she explodes with agressive qualities and amazing talent. this vivacous blond has phenomonal friends who care for her unconditionaly.
summer is an amazing person.
i love you summer!

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