1)a painful condition resulting from exposure of skin to ultraviolet radiation. in exetreme cases the skin may turn purple.

2)an alias used by middle georgia producer and electronic artist josh davidson.
1)ow! this purple sunburn hurts. perhaps i should have used sunblock.
the reddening of one’s skin as a result from prolonged ultraviolet radiation.
can be exceedingly painful, and in the most extreme cases, result in the blistering of your dumb -ss.
more commonly found in people who refuse to apply spf, redheads, and those that are naturally light complected.
also common when excessive amounts of drinking are done in the summer while outdoors.
“whoa! you look soo sunburned!”
“may i poke your sunburn?”
“does that sunburn hurt?”
a sunburn can be a result of too much alcohol and the outdoors in the summertime.
all i remember was drinking jack and c-ke outside and then i got this sunburn, and it hurts like h-ll.
a pain in the -ss.
a sunburn is a red, itchy, painful sore on your skin when your outside too long.
when someone has a fun day at an event such as soundwave and needs an excuse to get out of tafe, while leaving a poor defenceless girl to endure a long lesson of sri’s questions…
dude, i got sunburnt so i won’t be at tafe
sunburn: another way, a funny way, to say pregnant.
girl 1: i may have sunburn because we didn’t use sunblock while having ice cream last night…

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