super happy fun guy

aka closet h-m-s-xual

when a guy goes around boasting about how great he is and how g-y other guys are compared to him, this is known as a super happy fun guy. also, when a guy tries to tell other guys how g-y they are and makes up all sorts of g-y fantasies about them, this is known as a super happy fun guy. his fixation on all things g-y and h-m-s-xual will be glaringly obvious. his narcissistic glorification of his body and obsession with other males’ bodies and exercise regimes will creep out everyone, even the “flaming f-ggots.” he will brag about his ability in bed, but his d-ck pics will be pencil thin. he will claim to adore the female body, but his very vocal fantasies will all be about g-y s-x. he will loudly and hurriedly deny any inclination towards h-m-s-xuality, but n-body will believe him.
“you are a fat boring vanilla b-tch and can’t even suck a d-ck right.”

“wow! you sound like a super happy fun guy.”

“omg. this super happy fun guy kept asking my about my nail polish.”

“are you serious?! i thought he said he’s straight?”

” idk but that was pretty g-y of him to ask.”

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