Super Puberty

in extremely rare cases, adolescents are subject to what is known as superiore p-b-rtiscus, or “super p-b-rty.” these cases are considered most unfortunate and include such side effects as comically low vocal chords and m-ssive amounts of super pubic hair. in no way is any of the above attractive, and subjects under the effects of super p-b-rty should highly consider locking themselves away forever. “super p-b-rty” is in no way treatable, as there is no known cure. but good god is it funny.
justin bieber’s career will be ruined even more than it is now once he hits super p-b-rty.
the process of undergoing p-b-rty, but the genetic structure is tampered with to produce a voice so low that a female won’t find you attractive at all. this also follows with other simptoms, such as excessive pubic hair growth, increased p-n-s size, and even the growth of a mangina.
guy 1: “hey man, did you hear what happened to george?”
guy 2: “what happened?”
guy 1: “he went to the doctor, and he told him he had super p-b-rty.”

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