usually brunette women from the midwest who love a good spankin , loves to get freaky (preferably, h-rny, middle-aged s-x-godesss ), and enjoys a compforting shower daddy after a long hard day.
i need myself a superjaisa!

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  • lepreclown

    someone who starts drinking on st. patricks day at 10am, p-sses out by 3pm and misses the real party! aww, look at that lepreclown, what a trooper, he tried so hard to make it all day and now he’s missing all the fun.

  • lerppu

    noun, from finnish, meaning “limp”, a ‘lerppu’ is the name for a floppy disk, but it is usually -ssociated with p-n-ses, so a lerppu or lerppu kyrpa would be someone who has a limp p-n-s. “dude, you threw away my homework? you lerppu!” it can be used to talk about p-n-ses, like after a long […]

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    a nap with a lady in which the aforementioned female is s-xy. usually, some form of hanky-panky is involved. sometimes, intercourse even occurs. rarely is any actual sleep gotten. when “waking up” from a s-xy nap, both people usually feel fresh and well-rested despite the lack of sleep. i just had a great s-xy nap […]

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