1. one who does surgery on others.
2. one who goes around yelling “operashun time!”, wears a white coat, makes strange hand motions, and carries a scalpel behind one ear.
“the surgeon operatued on me yesterday”
“watching house made them into a surgeon”
essentially a man who has had s-x or gotten inside someone. the opposite of a virgin.
guy 1: dude my girlfriend and i went all the way last night.

guy 2: alright! you finally went from virgin to surgeon!
a talented snowboarder who uses the edges of his snowboard to make incisions into powder with style and grace.
dr c-ss is a board certified surgeon, you can tell by the perfect incisions made as he rips his way down the mountain.
a surgeon is a doctor that had additional education after medical school so they can cut people up (perform operations) they are more comfortable with patients that are unconscious(under anesthesia) because they lack the ability to communicate well and hate when people don’t agree with them. many surgeons today were cruel to small animals when they were children cutting limbs off little helpless creatures etc. like many doctors today their primary motivation is money except even more so. they frequently try to set speed records in operations in order to be able to buy a bigger yacht, house, mercedes benz etc. since the patient was knocked out and doesn’t see what happened, when a bad result happens they just blame the patient’s “unique physiology.” even though a bad surgeon can mess you up for life and cause horrifying pain and suffering they are nearly impossible to sue due to current laws which hold doctors to a lower standard then any “reasonable” person. in the unlikely event they ever lose their license for malpractice after numerous f-ckups, they can just move to another state and start over butchering more people. surgeon: the perfect occupation for the psychotic individual who wants the power of life and death over helpless patients while laughing all the way to the bank knowing their victims have little to no recourse.
joe says to tom “did you hear about susan?” tom: “no what happened?” joe: “she went in to get her tonsils out and the surgeon took off her left breast.” carla to mich-lle: “how is david doing after his hernia surgery?”. mich-lle: “not good the f-cking surgeon didn’t use mesh and it tore in three weeks. then he had another surgery that got infected. he is in constant pain and lost his job and can’t work. all because that cheap b-st-rd surgeon tried to “save money” by not using mesh.”

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