hot, s-xy, amazing, perfect in every single way! he is sweet, makes you feel amazing, and has a nice body. you will never stop thinking about him. he will be on your mind all the time and you’ll be on his. he will say sweet things in your ear that will just make you melt. he hold you in his arm and makes you feel like nothing bad can happen and you just feel so safe and comfortable. he is a very comfy pillow and will always let you lie on his chest. he will occasionally call you hot and s-xy but most of the time call beautiful, baby, hun, and babe. he will think you look beautiful when you think you look like sh-t (but be careful he hates when you swear :]). he will continue to tell you that when you keep saying you don’t then he will kiss you p-ssionately and you then have to believe him. but overall he makes you feel completely and utterly amazing in every way!!!!!!
girl 1: hey who’s that?
girl 2: that’s my boyfriend!
girl 1: he’s such a suttel!
girl 2: i no!!!
a stupid douche bag that doesn’t know how to treat girls, cheats, and is a tattle tail.
i regret everything about him; all the nice sh-t i said about him, and all the stuff we did, just everything.
he sucks b-lls, and has no friends.
don’t ever date a suttel, they’ll only break your heart or treat you like sh-t. a suttel is not worth your time, thoughts, or feelings.

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