noun: suvack (singl.), suvacks (pl.) “soo-vack”

term is being used especially on internet image boards. it is an english version of the finnish pejorative word ‘suvakki’.

suvack is a person who claims to be tolerant to all people regardless of their background. usually suvack supports liberal or leftist political groups. it is also very common that suvack declares his/her world-hugging political views to other people. in almost all cases suvacks have very positive att-tudes towards open border immigration policy. suvacks usually tend to act as if they were “better” people with higher morality. that is also why suvacks claim a right to call other citizens “racists”, “xenophobics” or “n-z-s” without a proper reason. suvacks are usually not able to stay calm and rational when they face different opinions than their own, which leads to emotional rage. the possibility to join (violent) protests is significantly higher among suvacks than common people. universities (eg. in gender studies and sociology) and media (as journalists) are the most typical places to find suvacks.

for example, “femin-z-s” are typically considered as suvacks.

the original finnish word is combination of two words: ‘suvaitsevainen’ (tolerant) and ‘vajakki’ (idiot, r-t-rded).
example 1:
– lol, i just saw on tv how university students were protesting for world peace and toleration, but after ten minutes they started calling other people racists and broke some windows. isn’t that kinda controversial?
– sigh… sounds like real suvacks.
– yeah and what’s more, the journalist on tv said that racism is rising everywhere and that’s why we shouldn’t think so much the damages the protesters have done.
– haha, there’s a second one, obviously.

example 2:
guess who: studying gender studies, is liberal and supports open borders policy, because borders are promoting racism…
– well, that’s kinda what a real suvack is about.

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