someone or something that represents godly and strong. a person of this quality is brave, mentally strong – though they may not show it often, trusting, handsome, not very s-xually experienced but a great lover, and is there for anyone that needs him/her.

a thing of this quality is usually fun, awesome, and something you had a good experience with. it also shows something that you want or like to have.
such as: “sven was there when i needed him.”

“that car is sven.”
swedish common male name
hi sven! how are you ?
sven – to be elite
a player once called sven played for sentient…he was elite!
the love i wished for
when sven came back in my life – i knew it was right.
used as an exclamation of the quality of something. (as in, that’s awesome!)

taken from the french term pr-nounced “svet”

syn: sick, awesome, gutta

also: über-sven, semi-sven, and non-sven
that’s sven!

how sven is it tonight, boys?
a person who is hot, stylish and has a m-ssive n-b all the girls want him (even fat ones), girls find him very cute and sven is a popular outgoing and social person, so if you ever meet a sven your very lucky because he could be the coolest person you will meet

describes ‘ sven ‘ all over

r’ dave” theres r’ kid sven in his new trackies”

betty b; ” hes a yummy mummy that sven”
1. a widely known german name.

2. that guy from those commercials that wears the biege sweaters.

if you happen to meet one, prepare to be laughing eternally. sven is someone who is constantly singing, laughing, and secretly talking about you behind your back…and to your face.

also, sven is someone you should s-x.
sven just c-nt-punched that chick wearing the same sweater as him.

i was thinking i’d stop at my locker, rape sven, go to biology…

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