it means jiggling t-ts

but you really use it in a sentence like:
han is the biggest swaffeltiet ever.
that swaffeltiet is coming hide!!

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  • Sushi Thighs

    when your crotch gets really sweaty and begins to rub against itself, causing the skin to adopt the color, texture, and smell of raw tuna. dude, i’m getting some wicked sushi thighs.

  • Wilhelm

    synonym: a man-boy with a chode-like p-n-s that is in the shape of a ram’s horn. girl: “my boyfriend is wilhelm, whenever he gets erect, his trousers look like a w-lly wonka lollipop.” 20

  • Wizard-Fresh

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  • Wolfslayer

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  • Woo-boy

    you have the woo-girl. unfortunately there is also woo-boys. simply boys who goes “wooo” when they’re excited. this is often found in typical groups of party swedes. read: stureplan well, that’s a proper woo-boy!

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