Swag Goo

a viscous and hard-to-obtain element. highly radioactive. normally used by famous rappers as a hair-gel, it can not be consumed orally as it will lead to a condition known as “stomach swag” which is fatal to humans; comparable to a dog eating chocolate.
swag goo is an element recently added to the periodic table, however many scientists deny its existence due to its rarity. the half-life of swag goo is approximately 280 seconds, making it hard to obtain it in its purest form.
swag goo is typically green in color and contains flakes of pure, crystalline swag embedded inside. its viscosity is similar to a1 steak sauce. once an individual comes into contact with swag goo, their swag level drastically increases while their energy level increases ten-fold of that of a sugar rush.
“swaggin’ so hard i be drippin’ swag goo.”
this is what falls off you when you’re swag is on point
swaggin so hard that i’m drippin swaggoo

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