a term used by the mafia that means stolen merchandise.it can also be a term used by the white people who ware sideways hats and say “yo” frequently. stay away from these people.
wise guy 1: ‘ay donnie,nice suit. where’d ya get it?

wise guy 2: fughedabout-t, it’s swag.
the most used word in the whole f-cking universe. douche bags use it, your kids use it, your mail man uses it, and your f-cking dog uses it. if you got swag, you generally wear those sh-tty hats side way, and your -ss hanging out like a f-cking goof cause your pants are half way down your white -ss legs. to break down the word, it means (secretly we are gay). it is also a word that means to represent yourself/ the way you represent yourself, baggy clothes, sh-tty hats, small p-n-s and basically a way to say your afraid to come out of the closet.
-ssface magee: i got so much swag
darrel: you got so much d-ck in your -ss
-ssface magee: f-ck you, swag
a stupid saying that’s overused. people 90 per cent are dumb teenagers, 10 per cent are little -ss kids trying to be cool use it for everything and also as their facebook name thinking that sh-t’s cute: ‘i just opened a cabinet, swag.’ ‘i just fell down, lol, swag.’ ‘swagnificent’ ‘(your name) idontgiveafuq gotsswagg’ ‘lives in swagtown’ ‘works at swagville’ ‘that show was so swag.’ ‘i just finished brushing my teeth, swag.’ ‘hey guys, just woke up, swag.’ ‘lol, i got kicked out of cl-ss, swag.’ ‘i cursed the teacher out, swag.’ ‘tumbling on tumblr in cl-ss, swag.’ ‘(your name) the swag god’ ‘texting in cl-ss, swag’ … ‘swag.’ you don’t have no motherf-cking swag.
you: ‘i got swag.’
me: ‘that’s because you’re a f-cking r-t-rd trying to be like the rest of the try hards thinking their dumb -ss have swag.’
orginally from the scottish slang word “swagger” which was a description of the way some scots walk (in a swaying motion), the word was then misinterpreted by the english as “the way someone presents themselves”. eg, whether someone looks cool.
the word quickly made its way to the states and has ever since become the catchphrase of douchbags and tools everywhere.
person 1: “i think that guy off jersey sh-r- has swag”
person 2: “you’re a d-ck”
s- something
w – we
a – all
g- get tired of hearing
teacher: what is the square root of 69?
dude: swag!
teacher: shut the f— up!
“secretly. we. are. gay.”
just so you know what people mean when they tlk about their “swag”
dude: i got h-lla swag!!
other dude: i didnt know you were gay 😮
apperance ,style ,or the way he or she presents them selves.
he got a killa swag.
an acronym created by a group of men in the united states during the 1960’s that means secretly we are gay
“mark, joey and i are swag”

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