a individual who believes they have ‘swag’ nevertheless they have no swag and are therefore swagless
jon: wow look at those two young hipsters over there.
pete: they are truly indeed swagless
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a douche bag
person 1: yo you got a black n mild
person 2: nah i don’t smoke black n milds those are for f-gs
person 1: haha yeah just f-ck-ng with you
dylan levitt: i have a black n mild
person 1: wow swagless n-gg-
person 2: yeah f-ckinn sir stunts a lot
no style
sam:look at what kelly is wearing.

nick: dude i know she is swagless.
one who carries or has no swag, or basically is lame
d-mn boy your so swagless.
the act of having no swag

to be lame, a loser or have no friends
hannah is swagless

bruce is a cool dude, therefore he is not swagless
of or possessing no dollar-sign wag, incurable…unfortunate
ryan: pat, i hear that girl kelly is swagless
pat: i know ryan, d-mn shame, d-mn shame.
the opposite of this poster’s personality. when an definithing user tries to make up a word to start a new trend, they automatically are annointed with swag juice.
how swagless of you to adhere to maintream music.

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