swan pie

1. n. popularised by jonathan rhys meyers as king henry viii in the final scene of the tudors, season two, any food dish representing one’s most gourmand culinary desires. (rltd.: swan.)

2. v. the act of indulging in anything that qualifies as swan pie. (rltd.: swanning, swanned.)

3. n. a baked pie of any type or variety, usually of the type made in or around the elizabethan period, decorated by component parts of a swan that are still in tact, such as wings and head, giving the pie the appearance of a swan.
a: dude, that’s a $#!7load of food!
b: yea bro, it’s good swan pie.

c: what are you guys doing tonight?
d: swanning some ayce sushi. what are you saying?

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